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Student Information

Plan 1

Load: 25lbs/week*

Semester Price: $497

Plan 2

Load: 35lbs/week (Best Value)*

Semester Price: $595

* Total poundage and price of each plan are for one service per week only, starting from the first day of classes and ends the last day of classes for each semester. Additional weight to plans 1 and 2 will be charge at $2.45/lb.

*Complementary laundry bags are provided.

Free Summer Storage Service also available (plan now relax later).

*Students should not have to drag his/ her bedding (comforters, blankets, beds, sheets, pillows, rugsā€¦), and winter clothing home at the end of the academic year, we clean and store them for you. Our Free Summer Storage Service includes; Laundry/ Dry-Cleaning garments and beddings then Store them, you only pay for the cleaning process.

IMPORTANT: As safety precautions please enter ONLY the first 12 digits of your credit number in the proper box and email us the last 4 digits at ([email protected])

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