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Please complete and submit this form to us to reserve your spot for this service. All the information on this form is required

Student/ Parent’s Information

Storage Drop Off Date

An email will be sent to you regarding confirmation of receiving your registration that includes drop off schedule hours. It is required that you write your name and phone number on different pages to go with each bag or box of your storage at the time of drop off (we provides necessary storage bags/ boxes free of charge).

Receiving your storage at the end of the summer

At least 10 day notice is needed to deliver your storage to the campus that you have requested on this form to receive your storage.

* Storage is totally free; you only pay for the cleaning process. We clean the garments that you leave for storage first before storing (to prevent possible defects from long time storage period), and you will only pay for the cleaning part of this process. The charge for the cleaning part is done after the cleaning process (usually prior to the storage), however if the credit card information that you have provided us do not work due to card expiration date, incomplete or wrong credit card information, etc…, we will notify you by email/ or phone for a new credit card information. Please be advised in case the new credit card information is not provided to us within a reasonable time (a week or two) additional charge of 15% may apply to the cleaning charges at the time of storage pick up. You may find our prices on line, except the prices for coats, bedding and some household items since they have a vast category in size, material and their care instructions. For this reason they need to be seen in order to be priced. However most house hold and beddings consider as wash and fold which will be charged by poundage ($2.30/ lb). Please make a not: we do Not store items that we do not clean such as foam mattress, foam pillows, etc,.

IMPORTANT: As safety precautions please enter only the first 12 digits of your credit number in the proper box and email us the last 4 digits at ([email protected])

You only pay for cleaning, storage service is FREE.

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